Women Studies

Women’s Studies Centre

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has promoted, strengthened and given direction to the Women’s Studies programme in the country since the VII Plan period. Our Women’s Studies Centre was started under the guidance of UGC in the year 2010. Since then it has been the only Centre in the state to offer an UG (Honours) course in Women’s Studies. The Centre is affiliated to the Utkal University and funded by the UGC.

As the only Centre in the state we have developed our own Syllabus by a committee comprising the experts in the field. There is a core committee which sits regularly to discuss and reflect on the mode of operation of the Centre. The Centre publishes a newsletter- ‘Women’s Space’ during the celebration of International Women’s Week each year.

Women’s Studies Centre offers undergraduate (Honours) Course with 800 marks as the only centre in the state. From the date of its inception in 2010, it has been continuously engaged the capacity building of the students of this rural institution. Apart from the regular class works, periodic evaluation and examinations through a semester system the centre has always attempted to involve the students in different co-curricular activities. The course has been designed, revised and developed keeping in view the interdisciplinary nature of this dynamic discipline. So on different occasions the students are encouraged to organize and attend different seminars and workshops on the related themes. The centre also undertakes different field works for students in nearby location to provide them research experience and expertise. The centre has put its efforts to involve elected women representatives of the grass root institutions, different NGOs of the state and eminent activists from different parts of the state in the activities of the centre.

Women’s studies centre also constantly putting its efforts to organise sensitization programmes in the campus. The Centre has attracted students from different parts of our state.

Our Faculty

  1. Dr. Hiranmayee Mishra, PhD.(England), Director
  2. Mrs Drishanka Dyuitisikha, Lecturer
  3. Miss Ipsita Pattnaik, Lecturer

Our endeavors to make it a special centre still continue and below is a list of activity which the centre has taken up during 2012-2013 and 2013- 2014.

  1. The Following are the SEMINARS and WORKSHOPS conducted by the Women’s Studies Centre during 2012- 2013:
  2. Celebration of INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S WEEK from 2nd march to 6th March 2012.
  • Presentation of papers by students of final year on “the importance of INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY” on 2nd March.
  • Women’s Writers Meet on 3rd March on 2012 : eminent writers of the state such as Dr. Prativa Satpathy, Dr. Sulochana Das, Dr. Anjuman Ara, Mrs. Supriya Panda, Mrs. Golap Manjari Kar, Mrs. Swagatika Swain and Dr. Ipsita Sarangi and many other prominent writers talked on feminist literature.
  • A Field trip to local Primary schools by students led by the faculties of the centre to find out the dropout rate of girls at primary level.
  • Gender Sensitization programme in the college campus to make the students aware about girls’ rights and how to behave with girls.
  1. The Director of the Centre Dr. H. Mishra coordinated a state level seminar workshop sponsored by State Social Welfare Board on “FEMALE FOETICIDE” at Puri dated on 22nd September, 2012 and she led a group of 20 students of the centre to attend and participate in the seminar actively.
  2. A Seminar on “The prospects of studying Women’s Studies and its perspectives”- by Dr. Aliva Mohanty, Head, School for Women’s Studies, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar on 1st November, 2012.
  3. A Seminar on “ROLE OF WOMEN IN ODISHA DURING THE NATIONAL MOVEMENT” , on 21st November, 2012- Resource Person- Dr. P.K. Pradhan, Faculty, Deptt. Of History had delivered a talk.
  4. Inauguration of new office of the Centre- Guest- Prof. Kharavela Mohanty, Prof. Emeritus-

A talk followed on ‘Relevance of Women’s Studies in Today’s Time’.

  1. A Field Visit to VASUNDHARA NGO , – A session of interaction of students with the inmates of the Girls Home, Old age Home and Orphanage on dated 9th February, 2013.
  2. Celebration of “INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S WEEK” dated on 7th, 8th and 9th March, 2013.
  • Meet the leaders at Village Panchayat at grass root level. (Discussion and interaction of students of the centre on different issues and problems of decision making with the Sarpanch and ward members of Adaspur gram Panchayat)
  • Celebration of women’s day- Address by Chief Guest Dr. Smita Nayak, faculty, P.G deptt. Of Political Science, Utkal University.
  • Address by chief speaker Mrs. Itishree Kanungo, Vice President, Voluntary Health Association of India.
  • Gender Sensitization programme – Circulation of pamphlet published by the Centre in the campus on themes related to gender and women relate laws by students of the centre and a meeting in the afternoon- address by Prof. D.K Rout, Prof. Emeritus,

Aditi panda, SMRC & Handicapped International,

Manju P. Dhal & Team, CARD, Bhubaneswar.

Screening of a Film “WOMEN”.

B.   Programmes undertaken by the Centre during 2013-2014

  1. An awareness camp on 20th April, 2013 to make the campus (first educational institution in the state ) Tobacco Free Zone

A Street Play by artists from VHAI, on “TOBACCO TAKES LIFE & ALL OUR DREAMS”, organized by VHAI.

In collaboration with Voluntary Health Association of India

  1. A Workshop by Women’s Studies Centre on “GENDER SENSITIZATION” on 22nd July, 2013.
  2. Welcome Seminar for New students- A seminar talk on ‘Women’s Studies- An emerging branch of knowledge’- Address by Dr. H. Mishra, Director, Women’s Studies Centre on 27TH September, 2013.
  3. A Yoga Camp was organized by the Women’s Studies Centre by the resource person Dr. Tripura Mishra, Master in Yoga and Physical Training, S.S. Women’ s College, Bhubaneswar on 7th December 2013.
  4. A Seminar ]on 13th January 2014 on the topic “Gender Budgeting” by Dr. Amrita Patel, resource person from Sanshristi, A research centre for women, Bhubaneswar.
  5. A Seminar on 1st February 2014 on the topic “Globalization and women” by Dr. Aliva Mohanty, Resource person, Head, School for Women’s Studies, Utkal University.
  6. A Seminar on 1st march 2014 on the topic “Empowerment of disabled women”by Mrs. Aditi Panda, SMRC & Handicapped International.
  7. Celebration of International Women’s Day on 8th March address by Dr. Sushama Mishra (Chief Guest), Feminist Writer & Mrs. Swagatika Pattanayak (Chief Speaker), Programme- Coordinator, Women’s Cell, All India Radio, Cuttack.