The history of this college reflects the history of a rural area with urbanized growth, the history of socio- political life of the locations and history of delivering education to common man. It shares how teaching even at present day is not a profession but a mission. The U.N. Autonomous College of Sc. and Tech. At Prachijnanapitha, Po. Adaspur in the Cuttack district was at bay and uncertainly, when a generous man named Sri Udayanath Sahoo of the Adaspur locality made a humble, yet noble financial contribution that brought it ashore but it has not looked back since then. Named after him as Udayanath College of Science and Technology, at the outset launched Higher Secondary level of education in Arts, Science and commerce in 1987. The foundation stone of the college was laid on 3rd December 1987 as the temple of learning. This college seated on a stretch of 10 acres of compact land in the ADASPUR locality on the belt of Prachi river close of Kenduli, the birth place of renowned classical poet JAYADEV.

The college is a brain child of the people of this localities under the dynamic vision of Sri Trilochan Kanungo, Founder president, Veteran Economist and a parliamentarian. He has always the clear vision of attaining commanding height in Education based on holistic approach towards it. Though the college was started initially in 1986 in high school campus of Adaspur, the beginning of real growth started in 1987. In 1987 when this college was set up, there was no educational institutions for higher education, parents aspiring for their children’s higher education were discontented. By the sincere endeavors of some enthusiastic persons of the area, the long cherished dream of people of this area was fulfilled. Our founder President Sj. Trilochan Kanungo played an active role in giving a real shape to the concept of college in Adaspur, Sri Hansanath Sahoo, Founder Secretary Governing Body,Dr. Brushaketu Mohnaty, Sri Bipin Patra, Sri Binod Rautray, Sri Panchanan Kanungo, Sri Raghunath Sahoo, Sri Madhusudan Mohapatra and many others worked hard for the growth of the college. The establishment of U.N. College of SC and Tech. Adaspur has not only added new dimension to the aspirations of the people of the area but it has also facilitate the spread of education to every corner of the state of Orissa. It imparts a high standard of teaching to its pupils. Academic excellence is the motto of a galaxy of highly qualified and experienced teachers of the college.

To fulfill the growing demands of the people, under graduate classes were opened in Arts in 1991, science in 1992 and commerce in 1993. Honours teaching facilities were introduced in Economics Political Science, History and Oriya in 1996, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany and Zoology in 1998, Accounting & Management in 2002, English and Education in 2003 and Psychology and Sanskrit in 2004. The institution has expanded in all possible directions providing teaching facilities in Arts, Commerce, Science and Information technology. At present the college provides honours teaching in 15 subjects, and enjoy a unique position in the education history of the Orissa.

The examination system of he college is absolutely free from examinational malpractices. Our system is free, fair and transparent with an inbuild system which acclaimed for its total freedom from unfair means. The college has at present 2 NCC units, 4 NSS unit, 1 Rover Unit, 1 Ranger Unit, and 1 YRC unit to promote extra curricular activities for the Youth.

The college is affiliated to CHSE, Orissa, and Utkal University to impart education to younger generation. It is included in 2f and 12B under UGC Act. The college holds monthly tests to assess students performances on the topics of unit covered in a month in addition to regular examination as specified in Autonomous college calendar. Guardian meetings are organized to bring feedback from students and parents.

Esteemed members of the Governing body spared no time to convert the college into residential one in order to attract the real talents seeking quality education from around the state. They made a humble attempt to launch Ladies hostel with a capacity of 150 seats followed by a Gents hostel with the capacity of accommodating 250 boarders. The founder president, former member of parliament (L.S.), veteran Economist Sri Trilochan Kanungo has had sincere efforts so as to elevate it to the rank of being one of the best colleges of our time such that we feel glorified with his noble contribution in mobilizing the necessary funds for setting up a two storeyed Science Block, Audience Gallery, mini stadium, Administrative Block, IT Block and Library. Former chief justice of India Sj. Rangnath Mishra has funded an octagonal two storeyed marble floor marvelous library with all modern facilities. The mini stadium on 9 acre of land is another milestone in the history of the college to promote sports and games to young man and women. The delicate gardens in the college premises and orchards are as old as college it self. They help the surrounding remain clean and make the visitor eye soothing and delightful.

The college had the glory of having principals of National importance. Prominent among them are Prof. Rajendra Prasad Das, Great historian and educationist and Prof. Durga Prasana Das, Prof. Of Chemistry and Academician.

Over the years the college has acquired a distinctive culture of its own with active, smart and honest students, sympathetic, considerate and excellent teachers; enjoying a smooth, healthy and homely atmosphere amongst themselves.