Rovers & Rangers

“Service” is the motto of Rovers and Rangers. It functions as a part of an international organization as per the rules of scouting and guiding. The students having experience in scouting in school days with tender foot certificate can only join as Rovers or Rangers. Priority will be given to President Scouts and President
Guides or Governor’s Scouts and Governor’s Guides to join as Rovers or Rangers respectively They can participate in State Camps, National Camps and International Camps if selected by Bharat Scouts and Guides Organization.
The Principal is the ex-officio President and two members of the staff are nominated by him as Leader and Assistant Leader. Any student of the college may volunteer himself to be a Rover/Ranger subject to the approval of the Rover leader. The crew is bound by the General Rules of Scouting. If any Rover absents himself from three consecutive meetings of the crew, without previous intimation, his name will be struck of rolls of the crew.